COLLAGÈNE D’EAU DOUCE: A FRENCH EXCEPTION: The caviar of active ingredients for skin regeneration.

Collagen is an active ingredient recognized for its anti-ageing and moisturizing powers and has been a trusted ingredient for several years in aesthetic medicine and the world of cosmetics. Collagen, the main constituent of the dermis, plays an essential role in the elasticity, regeneration and youthfulness of the skin. Natural collagen is a protein naturally present in our body and particularly in the epidermis. It is the origin of elasticity and good hydration of the skin. With age, its production decreases, 1% each year from 25 years. This is where Dermoioniq treatments come in by reactivating the natural production of collagen. Uncompromising, highly effective and long-lasting care, centred around a flagship ingredient, Freshwater Collagen, always associated with plant active ingredients carefully selected for their naturalness.

Marine collagen, Freshwater Collagen, natural collagen, which collagen to choose?

The most common is marine collagen from the skin, scales or fish bones. A newcomer to the segment and already recognized for its exceptional regenerative power, Collagen d’Eau Douce ® made a remarkable entrance with no less than three patents. A unique asset that has its source in the clear waters of the Dordogne.

Where does Freshwater Collagen ® come from?

The Freshwater Collagen ® used by Dermoioniq comes from the skin of sturgeons reared in New Aquitaine and intended to produce caviar. This high quality and 100% made in France collagen have been the subject of three patents after several years of research carried out by Emanuele Monderna, Founder of the brand.

Dermoioniq has borrowed its highly effective formula from nature itself. To be precise, from the waters of south-west France (Nouvelle-Aquitaine region), where organically fed sturgeons are reared. Our collagen is extracted from their skin. By developing a specific cold extraction process, Dermoioniq has created freshwater collagen (trademarked in France as Collagène d’eau douce®) making the action of all our skincare products the only one of its kind on the market.

The bioactive complex HN7CTM is the natural, pure and patented collagen by the Laboratory DERMOIONIQ is unique in the world with its 7 molecular weights this collagen is ultra moisturizing and boosts skin regeneration. Developed within aesthetic medicine, our care specializes in cell regeneration and scarring.

Freshwater Collagen, the results on the skin

Freshwater Collagen acts visibly and is proven to improve the quality of the skin. All skin types can benefit from this collagen, including people suffering from dermatological problems (acne, brown spots, redness, scars, etc.).

High concentration in actives: they contain ingredients beneficial for skin restructuring in large quantities for optimal results.

Moisturizing, nourishing and soothing properties: our skin care is versatile and adapted to all skin types.

Its role: to moisturize and restructure the dermal base and reactivate the natural production of neo-collagen by fibroblasts.

Using the skin of sturgeons destined for caviar production, gives us pure, unique and certified collagen as amino acid tests demonstrate.

Concentration: the concentration (collagen solution up to 30%) of peptides of the main amino acids of collagen (Proline, Glycine Hydroxyproline) is the highest of all collagens present in dermo cosmetic and medical products. Hyaluronic acid also has a very high concentration (1%).

Molecular weights: the presence of up to 7 molecular weights of Eau Douce collagen makes the DERMOIONIQ product line unique because it acts on the surface, in the cell matrix and reaches the dermo-epidermal junction. The hyaluronic acid also has 3 molecular weights with the same function as the collagen in Eau Douce. After 3-4 days, we have visible results.

Natural: all the active ingredients have been selected for their specific action on the skin (scientific value demonstrated by studies). This characteristic guarantees the safety of the use and the results.

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