Your skin is the biggest treasure: make the best of skincare routine with basic morning and evening rituals.

Silvegate team wished everyone to have glowing skin. What are the modern secrets and trends to keep the face shining and bright? Here we go: let us review  morning and evening rituals.

1. Fresh Lemon in Filtered Water

Starting your day with a big glass of filtered water with fresh lemon juice is a key to healthier liver function, and healthy liver function is a key to beautiful, glowing skin. As well as being alkalizing when diluted with water, lemons are full of antioxidants and vitamin C which both promote a more radiant complexion.

Silvergate team advice: go for organic

2. Dry Brush Your Skin

Get yourself a natural bamboo brush from any health food store or pharmacy, and whilst you wait for the shower water to run hot… get brushing! Gentle, repetitive strokes, towards your heart, to stimulate the lymphatic system

 Sivergate team advice: Make sure you buy a natural brush with a natural bristle like bamboo.

3. Gratitude Journal

The science of happiness has uncovered that people who actively focus on gratitude and write down three things every day for which they are grateful, are happier!

Silvergate team advice: practice it daily

5. Green Juice

The secret is out… green juice is the way of the future. Free your body from the caffeine reliance and kick-start your day with a cucumber and kale combination.

Silvergate team advice:  Google ‘green juice recipe’- you’ll get just short of 40 million search returns!

Do you think it stops on the morning skincare? Not at all: evening rituals on skin treatment are the important part of staying young, healthy, and beautiful!

Overnight masking, self-massaging, moisturizing and deep cleaning – these are not simple words, but day-to-day activity. However, before any treatments, let’s start with cleaning. At night time, while we sleep, our skin does a lot of work. Those cells are in overdrive doing their thing. The products we have put on the night before have all penetrated into the cells and performed their job too. But there are now new layers of dead skin, oil and dirt sitting on that surface. We need to remove them before putting on more moisturizer, makeup or sunscreen. When you cleanse in the morning after your cleansing ritual at night, your skin will feel soft, supple and have a wonderful glow.

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