Be sure that your face clean after washing

girl washing face

If you wear makeup, you may have noticed that simply washing your face doesn’t always result in completely clean skin, right?

If you haven’t noticed this, test your cleansing skills one night: Wash your face as you typically would and pat dry. Then wipe your skin with a cotton pad that has been moistened with a few drops of toner or a skin essence. You may still see the remnants of your foundation, eye shadow, and even mascara on the pad. That isn’t a sign that you need to toss your facial cleanser for a harsher option, rather it may mean you need to start thinking of cleansing as a separate step from makeup removal. At night, you should first focus on removing your makeup, then follow up by washing your face with a rinse-off facial cleanser. Of course, double cleansing isn’t the only pro tip for removing makeup—read on to find out practical tips for properly removing your makeup before catching those Zzz’s.

  1. Keep makeup removal pads next to your bed
  2. Consider using gentle cleansing foam that will make you skin feel awesome and refreshed. Evolut cleansing foam is definitely an option to go for.
  3. Don’t forget about micellar water – simple but yet efficient way to assure skin cleanliness
  4. Skin oil – yes, it works perfect for skin vitamins enrichment and creation protection layer.
  5. Follow up with moisturizer – yes, we believe in hydration on skin! Just go for it.

Skin is one of the most powerful beauty resources that requires attention and care. Be wise: make sure you prolong the natural capacity of you skin to be rejuvenated. Healthy habits, makeup removal routine, skin cleanliness and minimizing effect from makeup and pollution make your beauty glow from inside and out.