What are silver nanoparticles or colloidal silver?

Man knew of the antibacterial effect of silver long before modern medicine and microbiology appeared. It was used to decontaminate the water in wells; people drank water out of silver jugs during epidemics, they also made silver compresses. The fact that during those manipulations bacteria were not able to adapt to silver through all this time gives even more proof that silver is highly effective as an antibacterial means.

Nanoparticles or colloidal silver are small crystals formed from silver atoms. Properties of silver in this form are much more intense since most atoms of the crystal are located on its surface. These very atoms provide the antibacterial effect.

Therefore by using silver in the form of nanoparticles, we increase the effect of its antibacterial properties by a factor of ten.

The small size of the nanoparticles gives us an opportunity to use them as a part of antibacterial cleaners with organic components, without using antibiotics or other synthetic antibacterial agents.

How do silver nanoparticles work?

Most of the antibiotics and synthetic antibacterial agents oppress the vital function of bacteria. Getting into it, they function as the toxin, poisoning it and causing its destruction. Due to that mechanism bacteria produce the way of protection. They prevent penetration of the toxin and neutralizing it with the help of special substances.

Silver nanoparticles function in a different way. They destroy the cell wall of a bacterium and cause its instant physical destruction, but not it’s toxic poisoning. This method does not give a bacterium an opportunity to adapt and produce the protection mechanism and pass it on to the next generation.

True colloidal silver

This is a purer form of colloidal silver. In true colloidal silver there are no ions, just pure silver particles immersed in pure water.

Some of the benefits of colloidal silver for your skin include:

  • Anti-inflammatory – reduces redness and swelling of acne and blemishes.
  • Repairs tissue – targets wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating tissue regeneration.
  • Powerful antioxidant – combats free radicals to reduce oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can cause premature ageing by depleting the body’s natural stores of collagen and elastin.
  • Soothing – can help settle rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema.

Colloidal silver in intimate care

In recent years, the use of colloidal silver as an antibacterial agent has greatly increased. Nano silver is very small (microscopic) particles of silver. It is now commonly incorporated into intimate washes to make it antibacterial to reduce odor. The silver particles have a prolonged antiseptic effect against pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and fungi (at least 650 species) found in the intimate area.

For comparison, the spectrum of action of any antibiotic is only 5-7 species of bacteria.


• The three-dimensional non-linear structure of Smart particles has a large specific area of the surface, which increases the area of contact of silver with bacteria or viruses, significantly improving its bactericidal action. Smart silver particles are hundreds of times more effective than silver salts or standard particles; this allows to get stronger antimicrobial properties with a high safety profile.

• Unlike other antibacterial agents, Smart particles have the unique property of maintaining constant antibacterial activity. Pathogenic microorganisms cannot develop resistance to the antiseptic action of silver. Viruses and fungi do not have an evolutionary way of protecting themselves from silver neutralization.

• Smart particles are an effective vehicle for the delivery of active components to target cells, thereby exponentially enhancing their action.

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