Le Collagène d’eau douce® is an exclusive innovation of Laboratoire DERMOIONIQ
This powerful collagen, extracted from the skin of sturgeon from
Nouvelle-Aquitaine, is the flagship ingredient of our exceptional care line.

For the past 6 years, the DERMOIONIQ laboratory has been conducting extensive research to bring significant improvements to skin regeneration techniques, using nature and in particular for the production of Collagène d’Eau Douce®.


To improve the techniques and particularly the results of cell regeneration by combining science and nature. This is the pillar of the philosophy of the DERMOIONIQ laboratory.


The innovative extraction of Collagène d’eau douce® is the result of research and clinical tests carried out in a responsible approach, in a short and sustainable circuit.


Dermoioniq has borrowed its highly-effective formula from nature itself. To be precise, from the waters of south-west France (Nouvelle-Aquitaine region), where organically-fed sturgeons are reared. Our collagen is extracted from their skin. By developing a specific cold extraction process, Dermoioniq has created freshwater collagen (trademarked in France as Collagène d’eau douce®) making the action of all our skincare products the only one of its kind on the market.

Effective from the very first applications, the DERMOIONIQ care line is the only one on the market that can be used in direct application or in interaction with medical technologies, Radiofrequency, Lasers and Ultrasound, in order to optimize care.

We prefer natural ingredients and relationships with producers built on trust.

Natural active ingredients, preferably organic.

Respect for natural resources.

Local producers and short supply chains.

Effective formulations that are kind to skin tissue: non-invasive, non-aggressive and guaranteed free of heavy metals and petrochemical products.

Nothing is left to chance.

We supervise everything, from research through to packaging.
Our packaging is made from recycled plastic and designed to avoid any excess.
Our CSR and sustainability policy means we plant a tree for every ton of paper we use.

This philosophy is followed particularly closely for our flagship product –
Dermoioniq freshwater collagen (Collagène d’eau douce®) :

  • 100% extracted from the skin of sturgeons reared in the waters of south-west France (Nouvelle-Aquitaine region), and fed solely organic feed.
  • Free of heavy metals and pesticides
  • Free of any bodily risk.

An innovative and vibrant vision.

Dermoioniq’s strength is its agility and ability to bring an innovative and respectful vision of skincare to life.
Perpetually questioning, the founder and staff are on a continuing search for progress by taking from the best nature can offer while preserving nature itself.

Exacting standards for the creation of our class 1 medical devices.

Intuition, yes; Improvisation, no. Everything Dermoioniq creates is thoroughly tested by independent, specialized French testing laboratories.

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