Evolut – Organic Skincare with Silver Nanoparticles and Antibacterial Protection. Advanced natural protection for skin from any aggressive bacterial environment based on silver nanoparticles.


To replace most of cosmetics commonly used as protection

  • Eliminate all known bacteria
  • Do not violate natural defensive barrier function of skin
  • Activate the process of skin regeneration
  • Nourish the skin healthy formula (vitamins, amino acids, micro elements)
  • Tone-up and make the skin healthy and bright

Suitable design that makes products a part of your daily cleansing routine.


Silver nanoparticles are active substances, which seek to react with any nearby molecule. To prevent oxidation and destruction of a nanoparticle, it should be covered with stabilizer, which keeps it from an undesirable reaction. Hygiene products have a very complex formula and it is utterly important to keep nanoparticles stabilized.

Evolut developed a special stabilizing composition, which prevents silver nanoparticles from reaction with other components. What is significant about the products is that organic components are included, which do not interfere with nanoparticles.


The natural color of silver nanoparticles, and its distinguishing feature, is its amber orange color. Due to fundamental physical reasons they cannot have metallic look. Quantum effects on the surface of the nanoparticles creates an illusion of amber color.

Evolut does not use dyes or other cosmetic components in order to keep the color. You can evaluate the product quality just by looking at it. Having areas or spot with different colors indicates a defect or falsification.

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