Hygiene for kids during pandemic times

boy washing hand

Secure your kids safety while going to public places.

“I can protect myself by eating healthy and cleaning my hands,” – saying a 5-years old kid while being asked what does health protection mean. While public places and some educational and training centers are slowly being opened in the UAE, it’s time to devote some lectures with your kids about health and hygiene and rituals.

All moms say: “Wash your hands before food, clean your desk, check your nails, don’t touch here and there.”  And such precautious don’t seem funny during pandemic times. Let us to define new rules for our kids to stay protected with unwanted germs and virus.

Couple of advice from Evolut team:

  • Create a habit to wash hands with a soap and water or a hand sanitizer for at least 20 seconds. A good practice is to sing a favorite song or play a short game while washing their hands so kids will remember.
  • Avoid close contact with other people – especially the ones who are out of your circle.
  • Always make sure to clean and disinfect food items, household items and surfaces that are most likely to be touched more often. Children also should be extra careful while touching surfaces in the common space or items that have been delivered.
  • Observe your kids: make them feel alerted with things they touch.
  • Wear a mask: this is a parent example and regulation.

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Stay healthy!