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What is pH?

pH or ‘potential hydrogen’ level of a substance refers to its acid-basic ratio. The pH level of a substance is measured on a scale of 1 – 14. A lower number of available hydrogen atoms means a substance is more basic/alkaline and higher than 7 on the pH scale. Likewise, a higher number of available hydrogen atoms means a substance is more acidic and lower than 7 on the pH scale. 7 is therefore a neutral pH level but it shouldn’t be confused for being what we refer to as “pH balanced”.

Our bodies have a specific pH level and no, it isn’t 7. In fact, our skin is slightly acidic; a mechanism which enables it to fight off harmful bacteria. The pH level for skin is therefore somewhere between 5.5 – 7. However, even this can change from region to region on our bodies depending on various factors like exposure to the sun, humidity, pollution, rain, acne, sebum and even the water we shower in. That’s why the pH level of your private parts and the pH level of your face and hands is different. The pH balance of a substance refers to the acid-basic ratio, and our skin is the first natural line of defense when it comes to regulation. For men, the skin in the groin has a lower pH level of 5-5.5, being more acidic. While a woman’s vaginal pH typically ranges between 3.8 and 4.5, which is also moderately acidic.

Did you know?

The pH balance of your intimate area is naturally more acidic than the pH of the rest of your skin contrary to the common myth that pH needs to be neutral.

The normal pH level of the intimate zone is between 3.8 and 5 and this is so that it can prevent infection and stay healthy. This pH it is created by lactobacilli, secreting lactic acid.
The decrease in their quantity gives freedom for the reproduction of harmful bacteria. It may lead to the weakening of local protective barrier and dysbacteriosis.    

Can we use soap?

Studies have shown that most soaps, including dermatological soaps, have an extremely high pH level ranging between 9 and 10.  Such soaps would upset the pH balance in your private parts, and higher pH levels in your groin are associated with irritation, dryness, redness, and inflammation. The high level of alkalinity works against your skin’s naturally acidic nature and reduces its ability to fight off harmful bacteria. So, when you feel like you smell or itch a little more than usual, using more soap, more vigorously may end up doing more damage than good. That’s why it’s necessary that you use a gentle formulation that’s designed to keep your groin’s pH balanced and its skin functioning at optimal levels.       

Why Intimizer?

INTIMIZER eco-gel with an acid-base balance of pH 4.3 for women and pH 4.5 for men restores and maintains the pH of the intimate zone at the physiological level, protecting from dysbacteriosis and provides natural freshness, deep hydration, and nourishment of the skin. Regular use of INTIMIZER eco-gel maintains the functions of outer layers of the intimate zone in normal physiological state.    

Innovative INTIMIZER formula is the correct intimate hygiene which is water-based and does not contain any parabens or surface-active substances. That’s why it doesn’t require a rinse! Our eco-gel absorbs instantly without leaving behind a feeling of film or stickiness on the skin. The components of the gel continue to work, providing a long-lasting effect.

The INTIMIZER gel formula for intimate hygiene contains a multifunctional set of components aimed at pH normalization, protection against pathogenic flora and care. Such composition provides moisturization, restoration of hydrolipid mantle and initiation of regenerative processes that help healing and elimination of dryness/itchiness.

Proper intimate hygiene and gentle care with INTIMIZER .

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