Silvergate team provides information about each ingredient of EVOLUT products. We honestly talk about the methods of obtaining the materials from which these substances are produced. The data is based on the MSDS documentation supplied by the manufacturer of each component. This documentation is a quality and safety certificate for substances and raw materials. We also designate each component by name accepted within the INCI system. This is the international standard for writing the names of cosmetic ingredients.

There are following standards of this system: the name of ingredients and their transfer in decreasing order of concentration in cosmetics. These rules extend to all ingredients which concentration exceeds 1%. The latest in the list preservatives, elements of radio compositions and fragrances usually are mentioned as well. Today this system is the most widespread database of cosmetic ingredients, but not limited to, generally according to the European and American industry.

Recently, Colloidal Silver (or Silver Nanoparticles) has appeared in the main bases of cosmetic ingredients. Silver in this form is rated as a “Very Good” component.

However, other components containing silver were previously in the databases. The most suitable of those present in the nomenclature is Silver Citrate | Silver Citrate. Silver citrate is a compound of silver nitrate with citric acid, which is a plant substance.

By analogy with silver citrate, in the synthesis of nanoparticles, we use plant substances and silver nitrate.

In the production of nanoparticles, silver nitrate breaks down into:

  • pure nitrogen, which is released as a gas;
  • oxygen which is combined with the hydrogen of the natural substance and forms water;
  • pure silver that forms the nanoparticle.

As a result, we get very tiny particles of pure silver, covered with a natural substance.

As a result, when compared with silver citrate, we get a product very close in atomic composition, with the difference that citrate works according to the silver ion mechanism, and nanoparticles work according to the crystal silver mechanism, which is proven to be more effective up to 100 times.

All components were selected by us very carefully. We were based on their safety for both man and nature. For us, the effectiveness of substances and their active action are important. We sought to debunk the myth that eco-friendly cosmetics and hygiene cannot be effective. And we succeeded!