Splat Professional Toothbrush Sensitive Silver Medium


Splat Professional Toothbrush Sensitive Silver Medium

INNOVATIVE TOOTHBRUSH FOR SENSITIVE TEETH, MEDIUM, has antibacterial bristles with silver ions for prevention of the growth of bacteria. The bristles have been designed specifically for people with sensitive teeth and gums. Each bristle end is split into 4 parts, which allows gentle and soft brushing. The toothbrush is recommended by dentists for usage after orthopaedic, orthodontic and surgical procedures in the oral cavity. Suitable for usage with gum diseases and gum bleeding

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• The softness and tenderness of the bristles of SENSITIVE toothbrushes is achieved through a unique production technology.
• SPLAT SENSITIVE bristles clean the most sensitive teeth and gums so gently that it is RECOMMENDED by DENTISTS for use by patients even after oral surgery.

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Recommend brushing teeth 2 times a day after meals


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