Man knew of the antibacterial effect of silver long before modern medicine and microbiology appeared. It was used in order to decontaminate the water in wells; people drank water out of silver jugs during epidemics, they also made silver compresses. The fact that during those manipulations’ bacteria were not able to adapt to silver through all this time gives even more proof that silver is highly effective as an antibacterial means.

Nanoparticles are small crystals formed from silver atoms. Properties of silver in this form are much more intense due to the fact that most atoms of the crystal are located on its surface. These very atoms provide the antibacterial effect.

Therefore by using silver in the form of nanoparticles, we increase the effect of its antibacterial properties by a factor of ten.


Most of the antibiotics and synthetic antibacterial agents oppress the vital function of bacteria. Getting into it, they function as the toxin, poisoning it and causing its destruction. Due to that mechanism bacteria produce the way of protection. They prevent penetration of the toxin and neutralizing it with the help of special substances.

Silver nanoparticles function in a different way. They destroy the cell wall of a bacterium and cause its instant physical destruction, but not it’s toxic poisoning. This method does not give a bacterium an opportunity to adapt and produce the protection mechanism and pass it on to the next generation.


Our skin consists of several layers. It should be clean through all of them in order to be healthy. Silver nanoparticles  get deep into thick layers of skin and clean out the bacteria. Bacteria and their vital activity products cause most health problems. In the contemporary world, we come across different terms. Most of them are not dangerous and can be eliminated by our immune system, but there are also those, which cause us discomfort. The problem is much bigger in big cities with a high percentage of tourists and foreign workers, who bring unusual microorganisms to their temporary place of accommodation.

These bacteria can settle on the human skin and in the body giving a lot of troubles, starting with little rashes and ending with serious infections and poisonings. Contact with different surfaces and droplet transmission are the main ways of their spreading. Therefore, it is necessary to have continuous protection, which prevent bacteria development on our skin and hands.

Silver nanoparticles are covered with a special molecule to give it this protection. In comparison with usual antibacterial products, which stop working just after application, silver nanoparticles are not deconstructed for a long time and are able to have an antibacterial effect for 8 hours.

Another danger comes from penetrating into the deep layers of skin. Bacteria get into thick layers of skin very often and develop there. This process causes acne and other rashes on the skin. Due to the tiny little silver nanoparticles, they can get into these thick layers of the skin and eradicate centers of bacterial growth. At the same time, nanoparticles can carry active components deep into the skin, which both nourish and tone.

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