Our mission is to help people be healthy, attractive and successful.

The leading Russian developer and manufacturer of innovative professional oral care – SPLAT – specializes in unique products that help customers in practical terms to stay healthy and attractive and to achieve success.

SPLAT creates high-quality oral care goods unmatched by other companies anywhere in the world. The company prides itself on producing effective and helpful products. It runs two research laboratories and an R&D centre where the unique formulas are composed. At present, SPLAT has more than 10 Russian and international patents.

The SPLAT research center is constantly seeking new solutions for maximum clinical effectiveness.  A number of SPLAT inventions have received international recognition, among them:

  • LUCTATOL®: an effective composite for preventing tooth decay, which deters dental plaque accumulation by up to 96%
  • DE-SMOKE®: a revolutionizing phyto-whitening system, which safely and efficiently dissolves complex pigmented tartar left by nicotine, coffee and red wine
  • Sp. White System®: a safe polishing whitening formula with a special form of hydroxyapatite for deep tooth enamel restoration.

Every product released from the SPLAT laboratory is designed to attain a specific objective in the field of oral care. The SPLAT product range includes cleaning foams, toothpastes, dental floss, mouthwashes, manual and ionic toothbrushes and two new categories – home care and hair care.

All SPLAT products undergo extended testing in Russia, Japan and EU countries.  Each one complies with the latest EU Cosmetic Directive.

SPLAT manufactures products consisting exclusively of the best components on offer by leading international producers at its own up-to-date environmentally friendly factory in an ecologically clean area halfway between Moscow and St Petersburg. The production process has achieved CO2-neutral status and is certified according to GMP cosmetics and ISO 9001 standards. SPLAT products are completely safe and suitable for everyday use.

Over the fifteen years since the founding of the company, SPLAT products have gained more than 17% of Russia’s domestic market and been exported to more than 60 counties, including Turkey, China and Singapore.

The SPLAT team firmly believes that the world can be changed for the better and works diligently for the purpose of allowing a white-toothed smile, to light up the planet at least once every minute.

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