What makes your skin glow?

Girl refreshing skin

The world-leading cosmetologists and dermatologist will say it clearly – daily routine! When we say skincare, it’s not about cosmetics only, it’s more about your hygiene culture, go-to-bed rituals and makeups habits. It all matters.

No need to dive deep into study to know the statistics: majority of women sleep with makeup, at least few times a week. Rapid lifestyle, responsibilities at office and home, day-to-day tasks drive us to the point of simplicity where simple face wash is a hard challenge after 11 pm…

However, Silvergate team still insists and recommends washing your face before heading to sleep allowing your skin to rejuvenate and refresh.

There are following rules we’d like you to follow:

  • Washing face once or twice a day isn’t universal rule, your skin type and personal features will define the frequency need;
  • Washing with foam is sufficient? Yes and No, depending on your makeup style and cosmetics used, the cleansing formula will be suggested!
  • Buying cleansing foam should fully depend on your skin type: Yes and No. Whatever skin type you have simply make sure that these products don’t have harmful ingredients, especially alcohol.

Your daily skin routine will be better with Evolut organic skincare – explore cleansing formula for your face wash! Splash and scrub won’t work anymore, innovative formula of silver nanoparticles provides antibacterial effect and gently removes the skin dirt. Mild foam deeply cleanses delicate face and decollate skin, keeping it healthy and purified!

Want to learn more on Evolut cleansing foam and its application?

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